The Solution


Totem has automated and integrated the most difficult to manage risk areas in commercial real estate. We have built a highly scalable, flexible platform to continue to adapt to new risks in commercial real estate.


Totem was founded on system and contractor cybersecurity risk management with a focus on the secure configuration of every system in your portfolio to achieve more complete vendor risk management (VRM). This expanded into individual contractor and staff risks, and ultimately into building environmental risks.

The key to this potent combination is understanding the way commercial real estate actually works, given its entrenched culture, technologies, workflows, and overall property management processes.



Individual Contractor Health-Risk screens: Programmatic, reportable, online health risk screening for all contractors before site visits gives owners and managers information and exception reporting to restrict building access.

Individual Contractor Phishing Tests and Training: Phishing is a long-standing method for bad actors to gain access to networks and systems. However, the most effective phishing and phishing remediation use very tailored messages to the type of target.


Totem Building Cybersecurity System Audits: Automated system policy audits to document and verify critical configuration standards, such as passwords, user credentials, software revision, end-of-life, backup status, and remote access methods.

Totem Building Cybersecurity Network Audits: Integrated views of packet capture (PCAP) and network mapping (NMAP) to identify irregular traffic and unidentified devices exclusively on building systems networks.


Water Risk: Totem has integrated industry standards to provide executives a high-level risk gauge for microbes and corrosion that doesn’t disrupt or interfere with the water greater service process.

Air Quality: Totem has integrated with industry standards to provide multi-faceted air quality indicators, including CO, CO2, VOC, PM2.


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