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Totem Trusted™ Partners offer building owners and managers confidence that they provide services that are safe and secure for both onsite and remote building access. Our partners and all relevant staff go through a complete training and certification program that includes keeping health-risk surveys, system configuration, cybersecurity practices, and phishing training documented and up to date.

Simply put, Totem Trusted™ Partners run a better business than any competitors and provide additional value-added services, including remote and site-based assessments, remediation, monitoring, and managed services. Your partner knows your systems, your buildings, and the operational technology risk environment to provide the right approach for your portfolio that can include Totem audits on all of your controls systems, along with consolidated backups, and an expanded risk dashboard.

In this new era of risk and vendor consolidation trends, Totem Trusted™ should be a foundational requirement for integrator and contractor selection.


Want to be a Partner?

The industry for traditional channel partners is changing rapidly as a result of increasing cybersecurity, public health, and environmental threats. Building owners and managers are already consolidating around suppliers who understand these threats, and original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) are responding by hardening and enhancing their products.


However, what happens in the field can undermine any product, network, or site environment. Independent contractors must demonstrate that they are up to the challenges, thinking ahead for their customers, and reacting appropriately as things change.

The Totem Trusted™ Partner Program is designed specifically for the contractor community, providing you with the education, proven methodology, and the industry’s leading risk management software platform. Protect your business and position yourself for growth as the industry changes in response to these increasing risks.

As a Totem Trusted™ Partner, you will:

  • Differentiate yourself from your competitors
  • Protect your revenue from vendor consolidation
  • Elevate your profile with existing customers
  • Enable sales of upgrades, retrofits and a full range of cybersecurity and public health-related services

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